Moss Botanicals creates each blend holistically, taking into consideration the whole person in relationship to the whole plant.

Essential oils are unique in that they work on all of these levels simultaneously. 
Often times people will ask "What product would you use for ......?"
Or maybe you are choosing a gift for someone.
Here is a basic outline to guide you. 
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Moss Botanicals products are not a substitute for medical attention and we do not claim that these are a cure for any disease or discomfort. These products are meant to be complimentary companions on your journey. 
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Interrupted Sleep (New Mother/Pregnant/Breastfeeding) Relax Aroma
Death (Symbolic or Physical) Grief - Relationships - Obsessive Thoughts
 All Moss Botanical products, but especially;




Nurture Body Roll-OnCalm Heart Body Roll-On





Headaches- Sprains/Strains - Neuralgia - Joint Related Conditions



Eczema/Psoriasis -  Ceremony Body Roll-On
Combination - Balance Aroma Mist



  Depression -   Balance Aroma Mist - Ceremony Aroma Mist or Ceremony Body Roll-On
Panic Attacks -  Calm Heart Collection
 Anxiety - Ojai Collection
Obsessive/CompulsiveClear Aroma Mist or Clear Body Roll-On




What's the difference between the Aroma Mists and the Aroma Body Roll-Ons? 
AROMA MISTS are made with purified water and essential oils.  
AROMA BODY ROLL-ONS are made with essential oils in a carrier of organic jojoba oil.

How to integrate Moss Botanical Products?
Be 'intuitive' with how you integrate Moss Botanicals into your life. These products are allies and gifts to your own spirit and intention, for anything at anytime.
Its simple - The mists can be applied directly to the skin or misted into the atmosphere (ie for linens, rooms, offices, cars). Mists are great for hot days, hot flashes, purifying spaces and attitudes. The body roll-ons can be worn as a natural perfume (great in hair, beards or worn as a deodorant), To ease discomfort they can be applied to localized areas for their therapeutic value. The body-roll-ons have a tendency to last longer in terms of aroma because they are carried through the dermal layer at a slower rate of absorption. Always test test the products on one area of your skin for sensitivities or reactions. (Please read safety guidelines for essential oils). Others ways to incorporate Moss Botanicals is through daily meditation, personal wellness practices, prayer, or affirmations. For instance, I will anoint my temples, wrists, inner ankles, lower back, and top of my head with the 'Let Go' blend. I will sit quietly, breathe in the aroma and say, 
"I gently release the past. Life is sweet and so am I.
I take a few minutes to allow the sensation to wash over me. My conscious mind is affirming to my subconscious mind that this is my truth.


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*Note: This is not a cure,  a diagnostic, or a substitute for serious medical attention. Aromatherapy, herbs, flower essences and hydrosols are an alternative modality to many forms of healing.  Improper dosages, prolonged usage and not adhering to proper safety data can lead to harmful effects when using essential oils, essential oil blends or herbal remedies. Check for any contraindications before using.