Orange Blossom Mist

Known for its support to the emotions, it also maintains physical, spiritual, and mental properties as well. When suffering from symptoms of PTSD, depression, anxiety, insomnia, menopause, panic attacks, nervous tension, and ADHD this is a mist that can be of service. For the skin, it works much like the 'Rose Otto Mist' hydrates, minimizes wrinkles, and enlarged pores, helps acne, sunburns, scars, dry and inflamed skin. It lifts the spirit and inspires. Harmonious layers of earth, beeswax, green, honey-like tones, with a lingering blossom scent. Sensual and grounding for men and women.

This orange blossom essential oil is an extract in purified water. Extracts are unsurpassed because the method to obtain the essential oil uses certified organic solvents such as fixed oils in alcohol and no heat. This is a modern approach mimicking an old world technique similar to effleurage (a laborious procedure that required flowers to be soaked in animal fats and then extracted by solvents to separate the oils). The result from this process is an essential oil that has been gently coaxed out of the plant giving it therapeutic purity and aromatic complexity.  

Lightly mist face, body, and atmosphere anytime. Enjoy the aliveness of this aroma.

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