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hildegarde von bingen


My order of "Let Go" arrived the day my husband died. It has been an amazing source of comfort, strength and reality over the past four months. He remains very close to me, often in a light hearted way. We both feel upheld in our efforts to move our lives forward with integrity. His death was as good as it could be, and we are all able to celebrate the choices he wisely made. And to celebrate that my life is here, now. Jock will always be in my heart, and my grief is still an open sore but there is immense peace, fueled by "Let Go", that helps us each maintain our own path.

Patty V.

I had severe pain in my thumb joint. I started massaging "Moss Botanicals Relief" on it about 3x a day. It relieved the pain and on the third day I had almost no pain at all. Wow! What a relief.

Catherine Garcia

The balance body-roll on arrived yesterday in lovely packaging as usual :-) My 85-year-old mother and her 80-year-old cousin use this daily to combat their genetic vertigo - which you probably already know to promote for its amazing medicinal properties !! 


I got ring worm on my hand from one of my trips. I went to the doctor twice and got 2 different prescription creams and they didn’t get rid of it. Stacey made an essential oil formula for it. I used it for 2 weeks and it was gone. (This was after 5 months of using pharma drugs) Plus it smelled much better. 

Ian K.

I'm in Florida right now amidst family weddings and gatherings. There are a couple of things I'm finding are keeping me connected and grounded as I meet and greet family I haven't seen in over 20 years (!). One of them is the medicine bag my friend gave me with sage in it before I left, and the other is the ceremony oil. I put in my purse and I keep rubbing it onto my fingers and smelling it. This is good medicine for me - so I have been thinking of you and thanking you for the sacred ground which is needed in some moments!


I used the "ceremony," "clear," and "balance" oils and loved all three.  Moss Botanicals has created a unique blend of oils - really amazing combinations.  I really loved the calming scent of balance, and have noticed a difference with my latest cold by using clear (not only helps the respitory and immune systems, but also helps clear negative thoughts).

I was visiting Big Sur and went into a store after eating at Nepenthe. I've been struggling with accepting and moving past a "relationship" but it seemed daily I would get anxious about letting go or sad about him not "wanting" me. I purchased your "LET GO" essential oil roller and have been applying it daily - sometimes multiple times - and I have found it to help tremendously! I have never used essential oils before, but I definitely am a believer now! Thank you!!


I have used Moss Botanicals from the introduction of the company. I have found each product to infuse a peaceful calming influence in my hectic life. The founder of the company is knowledgeable and passionate about all the products she has developed. She constantly brings interesting nuances to new and current products through extensive research. Try Moss Botanicals it will make a difference in your life.

Pamela B.

1) The products help me so much! they calm me before bed, wake me up before work, give me strength and help me heal.

2) The service and connectivity. I deeply feel that part of the medicinal benefits are derived from the care Stacey put into making them. Her essence is just as vital and prevalent as the oils themselves.

3) You made a roll on for our sons alopecia and it cleared it up!

Survey Responses

The bottle of Calm Heart couldn’t have arrived at a better time. I was having a self-doubting day. The one spray on my heart is already helping. Thank you also for the beautiful wrapping and the lovely note.

Dvora K