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connect to your essence and the earth

Moss Botanicals creates trusted aromatic formulas through a singular blending method for a relaxing and meditative experience.

Moss Botanicals knows that smell is personal and so is the journey. 


Known as the 'Oil of Love' Rose connects us to our inner radiance and purpose with nourishing qualities that elevate and hydrate.

Find the oil of rose in the following products.

Rose otto

Let go

Red Tent



Calm Heart




I’ve been using the Let Go mist for 3 weeks now and it really works! I actually notice it when I forget to use it( because it worked so well)
I highly recommend it! Go treat yourself to letting go of issues that arise in life and put yourself into a state of lightness and ease!

C. Braun

You are amazing and generous people!! I cannot begin to tell you how touched I was by the surprise gift I received in my package today. It was MY mistake, and yet you gifted me! Perhaps I am so moved by your gesture because I am going through such a particularly difficult time in my life. Or perhaps I was so moved because the grace you exhibited renews my faith in humanity. Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for making my day! Many blessings.


As I'm passionate about nature in all its infinite varieties, I love Moss Botanicals. For years I have tried products that say they smell like "a walk in the woods" or a "day at the beach", but they are only a perfume unrelated to the scent that implores you to reminisce. I live in Southern Arizona, so I rely on aromatherapy to take me to these retreats when I am not traveling there--say a walk in the woods in Marin County or Big Sur. This particular aroma fills my senses with cedar and pine and an assortment of whiffs on a breeze that I can't quite name. I use it in my vaporizer and will buy the scent to wear as well. I feel calmer and the sensation puts a smile on my face. I can't wait to try all the different aromas available here. Let the adventure begin!


The story

Moss Botanicals was established in 2007, and burned down December 6, 2017 in the California Thomas Fire. I resurrected the company in 2018 even stronger. As the owner, my truth is to reflect my gifts in the world, and inspire others on their healing journey. My education comes from many sources; formally I attended the College of Botanical Healing Arts in Santa Cruz and received a Bachelor’s degree in Social and Behavioral Science from California State Monterey Bay. I am a business member of the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy. I integrate my Lakota & Yaqui heritage as a foundation for interacting with the sacred medicine of the plants. 

Stacey L. Moss

our commitment

Moss Botanicals is the messenger of integrity, balance, and healing. Each blend combines science and intuition to bring you a product that reveals the essence of the individual through their most powerful sense…the sense of smell. Moss Botanicals blends organic essential oils from sources that honor the plants and the people involved in their growing and distillation process. There are no synthetics, preservatives, or fragrances. Our sources are certified cruelty free by leaping bunny. Every bottle is hand poured in an intimate atmosphere with intention.

Leaping Bunny Certified

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