Tranquility and True Aromatherapy

Tranquility is the peaceful knowing that everything is OK.  When do you feel most peaceful?  How often are you experiencing confusion?  Are you sick of feeling bad in your body?  Do you have stress over money, overwhelming responsibilities, lack of sleep, anxiousness, and despair?  The demands of life can effect each of us differently. True aromatherapy lifts the spirit, eases suffering, heightens inner awareness, and connects us to the healer within.  True aromatherapy is the art of inhaling the purest gifts from nature. It can be anything that nature produces that hasn’t been adulterated with chemicals.  An essential oil is true aromatherapy and is considered the essence of a plant that has been distilled through steam, cold expression, or CO2 extraction.  When you inhale an aroma the limbic system of the brain is stimulated.  When this happens the chemistry of the brain starts a response.  Based on the association of a particular smell and its natural chemical profile.  The communication from the brain to the body has a holistic effect- the mind, body, and spirit are all being called to action simultaneously. Each person has their own association to particular aromas and memories that match up or recall certain scents.  Utilizing pleasant aromas to feel better is immediate. Creating affirmations and working with the subconscious mind right before bedtime is an even more effective way to reinforce positive changes and/or let go of the negative and to start to draw from the mind solutions to challenging circumstances.

Affirmation: My body is healthy; my mind is brilliant; my soul is tranquil.

The 'Oil of Tranquility' is Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides).  
You can find Vetiver in the Moss Botanical blend "Transform".

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  • Do you have a straightforward patchouli available for purchase.

    I really hope so.

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