What are essential oils?

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What are essential oils?

Essential oils are subtle volatile liquids created in specialized glands within the cells of aromatic plants. They come from seeds, grasses, bark, resin, leaves, stems, berries, flowers, roots, peels, and fruits. Essential oils (EO’s) are considered the life force, spirit, and blood of the plant. EO’s are extracted from these plants with various methods.  The most common form of extraction is steam distillation.  The art and science of distilling an essential oil is a key component to the quality of the oil and its many uses.  Within each drop of an EO there are hundreds of chemical constituents that characterize the distinctive profile of a particular plant.  In nature, EO’s work to attract pollinators for reproduction, ward off threatening pests, emit vapors to shield them from the sun, and communicate for survival and evolution.  When we use EO’s we are experiencing their essence on all levels simultaneously.  Growing conditions (ie soil, weather patterns, chemicals), handling of plants and people (ie. non-exploitative practices of growing, harvesting, manufacturing and distributing EO’s), and distillation are critical factors in the sustainability of plants survival and the continuing availability of essential oils to us.  EO’s are used for healing purposes of the mind, body, and spirit and not one is separate from the other when receiving this experience.  Our unique chemical profiles as humans and individuals are met with the same unique profiles of essential oils for a synergistic effect.  It only takes a small amount of essential oils to create profound transformations. Practice safety and mindfulness when working with essential oils.





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