Blending essential oil formulas and making natural remedies begins with a life force connection and clear purpose between myself and the plants. I start with a quiet and gentle inquiry of what I seek to create and its healing purpose. When I become an empty vessel I can communicate with the plants and hear what they are expressing. I prefer Moss Botanicals blends to be therapeutic and smell beautiful; to be worn as a natural body perfume while still receiving their wellness benefits. Less is more with essential oils but synergy is key. I like between 3-5 essential oils (you can always add more later) but this is the best place to start. I find it creates a deeper relationship with the plants and how they are working together. A top, middle, and base note harmonizes the blend, but sometimes I leave a note out. For example the "Let Go" blend is without a top note. It is made with cypress (Cupressus sepervirens) a middle note, frankincense (Boswelia carteri) a base note, and rose (Rosa damascena) a middle note. Rose is a high frequency essential oil akin to matters of the heart and divine connection. Cypress is associated with death, being planted around cemeteries throughout antiquity. Frankincense is undisputedly timeless and is an integral part of ceremonial rites across cultures. Frankincense is the gift of surrender. If you do not know what this tree endures to extract its resin and oil please read this blog I wrote about it. ( These three essential oils coalesce to form the intention.

How a blend manifests can be attributed to personal dreams, inspiration, and affliction. The original line of Moss Botanical products were derived from a need to support a healing crisis in my life. With time these blends came to help others. I always come to a formula with holism (mind, body, spirit, emotion, and earth). I evaluate the person, the situation, medical conditions, age, environment, sensitivity, attraction to particular aromas and/or associations and memories surrounding particular smells. With this information and years of building relationship with plants I begin to gather what essential oils and flower essences are inclined for the overall purpose. The spiritual force in my practice is summoned through humility and hours of quiet, getting to know the plants and asking them for guidance and healing. In return, I offer my devotion as an ambassador and a student. There is never a right or wrong way to blend essential oils. The approach is personal and the journey is all about trusting the process. Of course, safety guidelines, dilutions, and quality should always be considered. 



1/3oz or 10ml - weight of carrier oil

1% dilution (1 drop)  

2% dilution (3 drops) 

3% dilution (9 drops )

4% dilution (12 drops)

5% dilution (15 drops)


1oz - weight of carrier oil 

1% dilution (9 drops)

2% dilution (18 drops)

3% dilution (27 drops


2oz - weight of carrier oil 

1% dilution (18 drops)

2% dilution (36 drops)

3% dilution (54 drops )


4oz - weight of carrier oil 

1% dilution (36 drops)

2% dilution (72 drops)

3% dilution (108 drops )


1-4% bath & body products

4-10% specific problems

5-20% pains and wounds


0.1-0.2% -up to 3 months old

0.25-0.5% -3-24 months old

1-2% -3-6 years old, elderly, medical conditions, pregnant or breastfeeding.

1.5-3% -6-15 years old

2.5-5%-15 or older

Safety Guidelines for Essential Oil Blending

This information has been referenced from the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy website.
If you click the links below you will find comprehensive outlines for the safety concerns listed above.

 *Note: This is not a cure,  a diagnostic, or a substitute for serious medical attention. Aromatherapy, herbs, flower essences and hydrosols are an alternative modality to many forms of healing.  Improper dosages, prolonged usage and not adhering to proper safety data can lead to harmful effects when using essential oils, essential oil blends or herbal remedies. Check for any contraindications before using. 

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