I chose to highlight Euphoric because the aromas in this blend align with the symbology of Spring. Euphoric is a sensual aroma that leaves the skin delicately sweetened with flowers and uplifting citrus. It is a companion to dreamwork & spiritual regeneration. I find it to be hypnotic, heady, exotic, and dreamy.


When I created the Euphoric blend my intention was to transport the individual from a rigidly focused or mundane state to a blissful more expanded position of balanced awareness, intuition and clarity. 


I spray the Euphoric mist above my head and let the tiny droplets fall on me. I immediately feel the shift as the essence of these plants work their magic. If friends are around it always livens things up because this blend is so cheery and happy. It beckons fun. The Euphoric body roll-on is really nice as a natural body perfume and it has aphrodisiac characteristics imparted by the ylang ylang and grapefruit. Euphoric can be anointed on the forehead between the eyes to enhance dreaming and work with the 6th chakra (Anja) or to use in any spiritual or alternative practice.


A single essential oil is very unique and holds hundreds of naturally occurring chemical constituents. When essential oils are combined the synergy results in a greater effect. They express themselves to the individual in a very authentic way because we are so different in our perceptions. Olfaction is powerful. It can impart information to us about our environment, our memory, our pleasures and our pains. You can use aromatherapy as an alternative modality for wellness and self care or to enjoy the simple benefits that a lovely aroma has to offer. There is no right or wrong way and moderation is key. Euphoric Mist & Euphoric Body Roll-On are now on sale. 



 *Clary Sage (Salvia sclarea), *Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi), *Orange (Citrus sinensis), *Rose Geranium, *Ylang Ylang (Cananga odorata

*Note: This is not a cure, a diagnostic, or a substitute for serious medical attention. Aromatherapy, herbs, flower essences and hydrosols are an alternative modality to holistic wellness. Improper dosages, prolonged usage and not adhering to proper safety data can lead to harmful effects when using essential oils, essential oil blends or herbal remedies. Check for any contraindications before using. 

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