Of course, I chose to highlight ‘Intimacy’ because Valentines Day is coming soon. In truth, I don’t love this holiday. It has too many idealized pressures that I try to ignore. However, when I choose to honor the feelings of intimacy, the expectation changes form. Intimacy is honest, vulnerable, willing, sexy, sensual, difficult, easy, primal, together, and alone.  For me, intimacy is walking daily in nature. Being quiet. Lying in bed with my daughter until she falls asleep. Giving or receiving a massage. Listening to the heart of my lover, without judgment. Taking the time to help an elder. Smiling. Looking a stranger in the eyes. Holding hands. A physical embrace. Meditation. Intimacy is taking time to be with another without distractions. Intimacy is love-making. The quality in any connection strengthens all things. When I created the Intimacy blend, I was in a rebound relationship for almost 4 years, after my divorce. I thought, if I created a blend that focused on Intimacy, I could get my partners attention and he would have a deeper understanding of my needs. Then maybe, we would be able to heal the significant gap in our unhappiness as a couple and my miserable existence. I already had the answers inside of me. Out of fear, I was not being genuine about my true feelings. We eventually parted ways. I am grateful to have had the lessons and I took the opportunity to fine tune my life. The Intimacy blend combines organic essential oils of black pepper, rose absolute, neroli, vanilla bourbon absolute in organic jojoba oil. A beautiful attractive, intoxicating, sedative, and soothing aroma. Known for its aphrodisiac qualities that impart warmth and sensuality. These essential oils also have naturally occurring compounds that aid circulation, depression, and nervous tension. The Intimacy blend has many uses. It can be worn as a perfume for both men and women. Or integrate the Intimacy blend with the Intimacy cards (which are a playful way to encourage simple and provocative pleasures between couples). Bring the Intimacy blend to a party or a gathering and anoint your friends. It will arouse the lover in you.

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