The Journey of Blending Essential Oils

Blending is a natural gift that became apparent to me when I finished aromatherapy school. There is nothing simple about nature except nature itself. So if I approach blending in the same way I am sure to make a beautiful blend. In school we studied in depth profiles of essential oils. For example - What is the Latin name of the plant? What plant family does it come from? What is its origin, history, and mythology? What are its chemical constituents? What are the risks and contraindications of this essential oil? How is it safely diluted and administered? What physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental qualities does it embody?

What is the aroma and its scent profile - top, middle, or base note? How is the essential oil distilled? Or how many different ways can it be distilled? What are the results in distillation that render it more or less therapeutic? And how can you tell? Is there an abundance of this oil or is it endangered due to environmental, political, or unethical practices of over harvesting and adulteration? My passion for plants and learning made this investigation a pleasure and the more I knew the less I knew as one plant can take a lifetime of learning. This was my foundation, my starting point, but it was earlier on that I had been making herbal remedies for family members so I felt like I had a clear connection with the plant world. Now I was beginning an approach that involved a more intriguing aspect of plants; their aroma. A romance was blossoming and I was excited to get to work creating blends that could be helpful to others and myself. In order to graduate we had to complete numerous case studies with clients. Making an essential oil blend for a person based on a holistic health interview/questionnaire. This experience resulted in successful blends that eased various ailments and boosted my confidence for my ability to blend therapeutically. It was 2000 and I had been a massage therapist for 6 years. As a soul seeker my life was abundant with spiritual truth and ceremony. Being raised Catholic and then later exploring my Lakota heritage all served as essential parts of me to relate to what I was intentionally creating. While I learned many things in school, I honestly believe my intuition has cultivated the strongest and most powerful blends. I approach blending from many platforms that were not introduced. I just started doing it and the rest followed. If you are interested in learning more contact me for a consultation. 

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