True Aromatherapy

Distilling it all down metaphorically and materially aromatherapy is the experience of working with the plant kingdom to elicit a response in the the genetic code, while simultaneously triggering effects in the spiritual, mental, and physical body. When essential oils are truly understood we will understand healing for ourselves and the planet. Essential oils for the intention of wellness have many positive and negative responses because of our associations with scent, our own chemistry, and the environment. This is why some people love patchouli and others can't stand it.  They have an association with the scent or an aversion to its natural aroma. Essential oils are volatile by nature and reach our brain via our nasal cavity, that is where we become aware of their presence. The constituents within that particular oil or blend is where we begin to feel and respond to its character. If we choose, we can actually honor this process and take it further. "True aromatherapy" is going beyond what we can see with our eyes as smell is an unseen sense. Becoming an empty vessel in our prescription of thoughts or images and allowing the essence of the aroma to carry us to destinations and revelations.  

Using the subconscious with aromatherapy can be explored in the blog Tranquility and True Aromatherapy.