Singular Premium Mist Collection

Organic Orange Blossom Extract and Organic Bulgarian Rose Otto. Enjoy these beautiful, rare, and precious aromas together. Mist your face and body morning, noon, night or anytime you would like to feel absolutely refreshed, nurtured, and radiant. 

Orange Blossom Mist
Known for its support to the emotions, it also maintains physical, spiritual, and mental properties as well. When suffering from symptoms of PTSD, depression, anxiety, insomnia, menopause, panic attacks, nervous tension, and ADHD this is a mist that can be of service. For the skin, it works much like the 'Rose Otto Mist' hydrates, minimizes wrinkles, and enlarged pores, helps acne, sunburns, scars, dry and inflamed skin. It lifts the spirit and inspires. Harmonious layers of earth, beeswax, green, honey-like tones, with a lingering blossom scent. Sensual and grounding for men and women. Organic Orange Blossom extract (Citrus aurantium var. amara) in purified water. 4oz

Rose Otto Mist
Known as the 'Oil of Love'. Its essence opens both the heart and the mind, hydrates and heals the skin, elevates moods, and allows each system of the body to be nourished. The depth and quality of this flower facilitates connectivity to our inner beauty and purpose. Organic Bulgarian Rose Otto (Rosa damascena) in purified water. 4oz

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