On December 6th, I was evacuated from my home and the land where Moss Botanical products are made was destroyed. We lost everything. We are currently exploring options to live and places to run the company. There are a few products left but not many. I managed to grab two boxes of inventory that I was planning on selling during the holidays. This is my black swan event and I look forward to the resurrection. My plans are to get settled after the holidays and get back to work. I am still in a state of shock and displacement, but I am confident the Great Spirit has my back. If you would like to help in my Paypal account is and any amount is greatly appreciated. I will be posting more on my blog but I have been dealing with so much I had to just get this up so I could take a few days to be quiet and reflect. Much love to you this holiday. I am grateful and humble to have this experience. 
Health & Happiness,