Plant Communication

Here we will discover together the deeper meaning of working with plants and relating to the Earth.
 'Nature Heals Affliction'
 As a truth seeker, sensitive healer, and conflicted soul I have suffered.
The remedy, the giver, the communicator, the teacher, the cosmic connection, the mathematician, the mystery and ALL - is NATURE.
Since childhood, the spirit of nature has been communing with me.
I was listening. Sometimes I tuned in and sometimes I was unaware.
Conversing with nature; specifically plants is unique in that it takes on different forms for each of us.
The relationship is like any relationship - you get what you put into it.
Moss Botanicals celebrates the Earth and would not be here if the connection to these intelligent species didn't exist.
I love making products and being the ambassador to the plant kingdom.
 More importantly I feel compelled to share what I have learned as a way to heighten our ability to heal ourselves, one another, and the planet.
Choose one plant and get to know it in all of its forms.
Make your practice simple but intentional.
One plant can take a lifetime but to know one plant or a few is the way.
What plants do you find show up in your life the most?  
Have you relied on a specific plant for health?
I invite you to listen with an open heart, an empty mind, and a free will.
Sit with that plant daily. 
Inhale it
Gaze upon it.
Sketch it. 
Ask gently and humbly for the spirit of this plant to teach you.
The intuitive is the integrative life force that is present for both of you at this time.
Be patient with this process as it takes time to quiet the chatter and the imagery that the mind is programmed to produce. 
It is important to have no expectations and try to avoid visualizing. 
This is an old way that many of us are being called to remember. 
The power of this connection is deeply personal.
This is a crucial aspect to how we will evolve on this planet in relationship to the Earth if we are to continue having the opportunity to thrive here.