Hydrosol - Lemon

Latin name: Citrus limonum

A true steam distillation of lemon rinds from our beautiful lemon tree. This hydrosol is light with a sweet floral citrus undertone. Refreshing to the skin. 

Energetic Qualities - Cuts through the feelings of being bogged down. Cleansing to the auric field. Solar Chakra balancing.

 - 1oz - 

For a deeper understanding of this product read the blog 'What is a Hydrosol?'


*Note: This is not a cure,  a diagnostic, or a substitute for serious medical attention. Aromatherapy, herbs, flower essences and hydrosols are an alternative modality to many forms of healing. Improper dosages, prolonged usage and not adhering to proper safety data can lead to harmful effects when using essential oils, essential oil blends or herbal remedies. Check for any contraindications before using. 

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