Heal Thyself Box Collection

A synergy of four blends that work on various systems of the body. When experiencing an illness, an injury, a chronic, or an acute situation which includes emotional, spiritual, and mental dis-ease. There is a cycle that we can benefit from in our path to healing by allowing for rest, relief, nurturing, and strength. Recognizing, of course, that these oil blends are not a substitute for serious care. Essential oils and aromatherapy helps us taker a deeper look at symptoms to underlying problems affecting our well-being. In essence, getting to the root of the cause, for further investigation, if needed. They are a well-ness tool and a complimentary modality to maintaining health and recovering from dis-comfort.

Hand made box and personal brand complete with four synergistic blends and descriptive cards. Rest, Relief, Nurture, & Strength.  Click on the names of each blend to find out more information about each one. A wonderful addition to any wellness tool-kit.