Dream Bath & Sachet

An herbal blend of rose buds, lavender, lemon verbena, mugwort, star anise, and chamomile.

How to use -
Fill the sachet with herbs for the bath or use it as an herbal sachet. Create a cold infusion foot soak by soaking a 1/2 cup of herbal blend in a quart of water for 4 hours, refrigerate and use in a foot bath. Super helpful way to feel cooled down, relaxed, and ready for a great night of dreaming. The sachet is reusable and it can also be used as a dream ally by filling it with the dream blend and having next to your pillow. I also love these herbs in a facial steam. (A little goes a long way). We sell in limited amounts as we grow the lemon verbena, lavender, and mugwort. Whatever is available and thriving we send your way. Keeping the plants happy and staying in rhythm with the earth is our vision. 

Available in a 32 oz. mason jar with linen sachet bag attached to lid.

Approximately 4-8 uses depending on how you use it. For scent it will last over a year. Lightly crushing the herbs in your hand or inside the sachet will continue to release their aromatic constituents.

love the earth

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